An Integrated Approach

I bring a balanced approach to my practice. On one hand, I come from a rather progressive family. My mother is a well known midwife, an active leader at La Leche League, and the founder and president of Mother Nurture, a doula company. My father was one of the first consumer reporters, always questioning big companies and fighting for the little guy. I myself bring a little cynicism to Western medicine—I am proud to say that at our practice, we distance ourselves from pharmaceutical companies and resist being influenced by those seeking profits through healthcare.  

On the other hand, I am a highly trained doctor from a top medical institution. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Biological Basis of Behavior, and then the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) for medical school. I came back to the East Coast to complete my pediatric residency at Mount Sinai Hospital. I stay current with the “latest and greatest” by frequently attending medical conferences, reading pediatric journals, and work closely with pediatric sub-specialists. In my profession, it is crucial that we stay on top of the recent research, as well as results from well done placebo-controlled double-blinded unbiased studies. 

I am also board certified. The American Academy of Pediatrics requires that doctors take a number of exams in order to become board certified. These exams are difficult, covering issues that a sub-specialist would typically manage, such as rare genetic syndromes, or management of diabetic ketoacidosis or septic shock from bacterial meningitis.

Community Involvement

I am very involved in the Brooklyn community, often speaking at Ellen Chuse’s birthing classesFamilies First, and Baby Bites Brooklyn. In addition, I am the pediatric expert for A Child Grows in Brooklyn, a wonderful website for families with children. At the site you can find my advice on a host of pediatric issues, such as newborn care, asthma, allergies, starting solids, colic and vaccines, as well as reviews on our practice.  I have led interactive discussion groups at the Dodge YMCA as well as PS 29.   I live with my wife and daughters in Cobble Hill and thoroughly enjoy being part of this wonderful neighborhood.

I also have a ton of experience working with children of all ages.  I always knew I would spend my life helping children, and have worked in daycare centers, umpiring for little league, tutoring, mentoring, doing research on development in infants, as well as ADHD into adolescence.  In all, it's been over 32 years that I have worked with children, and that experience allows me to give my families that seasoned advice on what is common enough to be called normal versus what is concerning enough to worry about.  

Affiliation With Mount Sinai Hospital 

I belong to a wonderful group of Mount Sinai physicians located in a state-of-the-art, brand new facility. We are honored to have the academic support of a top-notch institution in Mount Sinai Hospital.  In addition to primary care for all ages and urgent care open every day, we have over 37 different specialties, including many for children all under one roof.  

Please call if you'd like to visit for a prenatal consult or make an appointment for your child.


Newborns:  Reading Their Cues and Following Their Lead.  I think it’s harder than ever to feel confident about parenting a newborn.  There are so many books and models out there, each one telling you to do something different.  

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my child is sick

There is no substitute for an in-person, hands-on physical exam and detailed medical history. But all too often kids decide to get sick in the middle of the night or on the weekend, when the doctor’s office is closed.

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health topics

As a parent and as a pediatrician since 1996, I believe that each child is special and unique. Yet there are some universal hurdles and issues that every family must navigate, such as vaccinations and what to feed your baby at the different stages. 

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